Roccaforte Malatestiana Rich in Art and Culture

The fortified medieval village is all tight around its beautiful fortress, which can be reached by climbing through narrow streets that open onto large viewpoints overlooking the Riviera.

The beauty of this ancient village also lies in its architectural structure made of noble palaces, bourgeois houses, alleys and squares that have given it the title of City of Art.

To visit, in the central square Ganganelli, the large triumphal arch erected in 1777 by the citizens in honor of the fellow citizen Pope Clement XIV, Torre del Campanone, Porta Cervese, Piazza delle Monache, Collegiate Church, Pieve di San Michele, Sferisterio, all absolutely characteristic places not to be missed.

Finally, to complete the tour of this splendid town, one cannot help but admire the works preserved in the MUSAS Archaeological Historical Museum, a rich heritage of art and culture, a unique testimony of the history of the Santarcangiolese territory and its people. Of equal importance is the MET – Ethnographic Museum of the Uses and Costumes of the People of Romagna, dedicated to popular traditions and the cultural identity of the place.

The hill of Santarcangelo preserves the mystery of the over 200 caves dug into the tuff, suggestive hypogea whose origin is still unknown. Today, some of these caves are open to visitors.