San Marino

A land to discover

There are many things to see in San Marino, for a journey through time and the different attractions that will captivate you.

The most representative monument of San Marino is certainly the Piazza della Libertà and the Palazzo Pubblico, also known as the Government Palace. In this place in summer you can admire the changing of the guard.

The Basilica del Santo is the main church in the town, adorned with the statue of San Marino with its relics. At the top of the castle of San Marino, starts the so-called “passo delle streghe (witch step)“, a spectacular path that connects the three main towers and offers unmistakable panoramic views. The three medieval towers certainly represent another symbol of this extraordinary city.

The State Museum is the most important museum in San Marino and preserves over 5,000 historical and artistic pieces related to the history and legend of this town. To visit absolutely the archaeological section with finds ranging from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages and the art gallery.

An ideal destination for families and friends is certainly San Marino Adventures, which with its 24 itineraries immersed in nature offers healthy and active fun among fun and exciting games of varying difficulty suspended between the trees.

Finally, for shopping lovers, San Marino offers shops of all kinds and for all budgets.