The fantastic world of Federico Fellini

For over 160 years, Rimini has been in the memories and dreams of generations of vacationers.
Throughout the year, a stay in Rimini is synonymous with fun and culture. His art treasures include unique masterpieces ranging from the Roman period to the Renaissance period.
Rimini is the city that never sleeps and there are many activities to do, discover and foods to taste.

Not to be missed: the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, Castel Sismondo, the Malatesta Temple, the Roman Piazza Tre Martiri or the medieval Piazza Cavour, to end with the City Museum which preserves its past, through beyond 1500 works, the ‘Domus del Chirurgo’, a small Pompei that emerged from the darkness of the centuries in the historic heart of Rimini, which houses an exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical kit, which has survived intact since the Roman age.

The Vecchia Pescheria area, in the heart of the historic center, hosts the Rimini nightlife. Thousands of young people meet every evening for an aperitif, a snack, a concert or just for a chat.

For sea lovers, Marina Centro is the soul of seaside Rimini. It is the central point of the promenade, where the beach is lived day and night. It starts at dawn with walks on the shoreline. It ends late at night after a barefoot dinner on the sand. Everything is done on the beach: yoga classes, aperitifs, embroidery courses, sand castle competitions, piadina seminars and all kinds of sports. In addition, music and animation is always guaranteed in every establishment.